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Domažlice Bagpipe Band

has been among the leading ensembles performing various styles of bagpipe (dudy) music of the Chod region for more than fifteen years.

Most of the members are professional musicians who have studied in conservatories and academies of music and currently work as teachers and performing artists. Domažlice Bagpipe Band vocalists won the prize for exceptional performance of Chod folk songs at the Stražnice folklore festival in 2007.

During its existence, the Domažlice Bagpipe Band has visited more than half of the
European countries, including Baltic states and Russia, and has made successful
tours in the USA and Japan. Presently, they are recording their second CD.

The long-time endeavor of the Domažlice Bagpipe Band has been to perform the original folk music from the region of Chodsko. Various songbooks and anthologies collected during the nineteenth century by folk culture revivalists, primarily Jindřich Jindřich, serve as sources and inspiration for the band’s arrangements.

Domažlice Bagpipe Band’s repertoire consists of songs about all aspects of the life of the Chod people as lived in the past – love songs, naughty, songs, drinking songs, and work songs – as well as humorous stories from the lives of the Chods called “poudacky” – and instrumental music with solos played on various, nearly forgotten, musical instruments.


Josef Kuneš – artistic leader, bagpipe (dudy), singer
Kamil Jindřich – band’s contact person , singer, bagpipe (dudy) and traditional folk instruments
Martina Pincová
– singer
Josef Stočes – E♭ soprano clarinet
Tomáš Kůgel – B♭ soprano clarinet (alternating with Jaroslav Gabriel)
Josef Petržík
– violin, singer
Jan Faschingbauer
– double bass, singer

Ha, ty svatyj Vavřenečku – CD profile (AINA 2001)
Domažlická dudácká muzika plays Polka (U.F.O. Pictures 2007)
Radůza: O Mourince a Lojzíkovi (Indies Records 2008)

Call of Dudy (U.F.O. Pictures 2006 )

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